National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM)
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National Socialist
Black Metal


The extremes of musical passion attract fascist ideologies in a time when a Judeo-Christian moral values have caused humanity to poison the earth and sky and waters, destroy ancient cultures and adulterate their races, enslave many to the tedium of a society motivated by commerce, and remove all desire for individuality in existence. National Socialist black metal (NSBM) is aurally hateful music that diminishes the listener and saturates them with isolationist and ancient mystical beliefs, separating the tribes so we may have our peoples remain unique and unmarketable.

Unlike most White Power music, NSBM did not originate in the White Power/White Nationalist community, but was created by outsiders who suddenly found National Socialist and Pagan ideals to be empowering and relevant. Musically it is the closest metal genre to punk hardcore that exists, borrowing from the crustcore and Satanic heavy metal traditions to formulate something opposed to all social forces including Semetic Christianity, Judaism, humanism and liberalism.

Hated by the people who don't like hate groups or hate crimes, NSBM remains an outsider form of both black metal and white power music that is not fully accepted by either parent group, but is recognized by many as the only source of extremity powerful enough to fuel sonic hatred as is required for black metal. Read about NSBM, check out our black metal and white power music FAQ, and if you want white nationalist music tshirts, CDs or merchandise please visit our virtual store.