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National Socialist
Black Metal


1) A key Norwegian black metal figure, Vikernes is in prison there for beheading his best friend. He endorses fascism, child sacrifice and torture.

Vikernes did not behead Euronymous, who was not his best friend. He does not endorse child sacrifice or torture as serious political platforms.

2) In the 1990s, Vikernes and others in the Norwegian black metal "inner circle" were accused of inciting dozens of anti-Christian church arsons and carrying out attacks on gays and people of color.

There were no attacks on gays or "people of color" from the inner circle. The "inner circle" were known for church and synagogue arsons, which is consistent with their self-described "war against Judeo-Christianity."

3) Its fans in general are turned off by Christianity and see society as destined for collapse, a deserving victim of its own goody-goody hypocrisy.

They are equally turned off by Islam and Judaism, which are equally predatory religions as Christianity. They see society as a victim of its mercy, and corresponding lack of compassion.

4) Among others, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris -- who murdered 12 of their classmates and a teacher at Columbine High School in Colorado last April -- were said to have been influenced by this kind of music

There is no evidence to suggest that Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris heard anything other than mainstream music sponsored by Jewish-owned labels such as Marilyn Manson, KMFDM or Rammstein.

5)Since the 1970s, metal has diversified from the power blues of Led Zeppelin into what are known as speed metal, death metal, grindcore and black metal.

Black Sabbath was the first metal band (1969).

6) Many others are into "corpse paint," the pallid black-and-white makeup popularized, among other places, in the movie "The Crow."

"Corpse paint" is a tradition that has been alive in black metal since the early 1980s, and has nothing to do with mainstream media.

7) It is the combination of the "will to power" philosophy of Nietzsche and the ethnic nationalism that is often associated with the worship of pagan gods that first pointed some in the scene toward violent racism and anti-Semitism.

Black metal dictates a pride in ancient cultures, which can only exist by being distinct from all other cultures.

Nietzsche despised anti-Semitism, but opposed Judaism/Christianity as a cultural, political and religious force. Most NSBM fans are of the latter attitude.

8) Another example of the confluence of Skins and black metal is found in the racist Polish band Graveland, whose first album is "Heeding the Call of the Blood." Graveland is composed of a typical black metal enthusiast, corpse paint and all, and a Skinhead.

The first Graveland album is called "Carpathian Wolves," and the album referenced here, "Following the Voice of Blood," is their fourth.

9)In the United States, the NSBMUnderground is led by an organization calling itself the Pagan Front, a loose coalition of music labels, bands, organizations and individuals from around the world.

There is no leader of the NSBM underground - it is a distributed movement.

10)Through its Web page, the Heathen Front sells Vikernesí racist and anti-Semitic book, Vargsmall, and provides a discussion group and a newsletter devoted to promoting its heathen -- or more accurately, neo-Nazi -- agenda.

"Vargsmal" promotes a heathen agenda of which one part can be described as neo-Nazi (to mainstreamers).

11)Asked about the Holocaust, Moynihan told No Longer A Fanzine that "the number of six million [Jews murdered] is just arbitrary and inaccurate, and probably a gross exaggeration. ... Itís not as if Iíd be upset to find out the Nazis did commit every atrocity thatís been ascribed to them. Iíd prefer it were true."

Moynihan and Blood Axis, an industrial band with no ties to black metal except Moynihan's journalism in "Lord of Chaos," have repeatedly stated they are not a racist, political or white supremacist band.

12)Denver resident Boyd Rice, founder of the band NON, is often referred to as the vanguard of the American black metal scene.

From within the black metal scene, there have been no such statements.

13)In one, a band member who calls himself Kapricornus says, "Personally, I have never hid [sic] my National Socialist and Heathen ideology. ... All actions that eliminate Catholic churches or the plague of negroidial [sic] creatures in spilled blood is acceptable." Another musician predicts: "Auschwitz and Birkenau will be reopened under new management -- US!"

Capricornus is the name of this musician from Poland.

14)The misogyny, racism and homophobia inherent in much of black metal have proved to be fine starting points for the men who seek to spread neo-Nazi ideology.

There have been no reported events of misogyny, or misogynistic lyrics, in black metal. Much of the NSBM movement is supported by women.

15)Black metal, along with other types of racist music, seems to be becoming an effective vehicle for racist hatred.

Music is not "racist" - musicians have beliefs, to which they are entitled. There is no evidence that the people creating black metal are not primarily fans, and secondarily ideologues, so it is evident that black metal developed a fascist ideology rather than accepting one from external sources.